Resolved Bots not showing up to use.

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by weston, Oct 1, 2015.

  1. im not sure what happened but when i click on bots nothing shows up! plx HEEEEP

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    Post #17 by Arbiter, Oct 1, 2015
  3. This is happening to me says: No content in table.
  4. This is an issue it seems everyone has been experiencing within the last 20 minutes or so. I imagine bots are handled by a server so it might just be a server issue, give it some time and try again later.
  5. I've debugged the problem, and it appears to be an error sending the request to RuneMate's server.
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  6. yes i have bots, and im playing on the client now. ive checked to make sure they were still added and they are
    ... my table is just empty
  7. Same...
  8. same
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    @Arbiter !!!! check this out !!!! current bug
  9. Doesn't give any errors, only this way but it doesn't let me copy it :s
  10. Might also be just a server error which is most likely the problem ;)
    @Arbiter @Cloud
  11. same problem here
  12. Same problem
  13. So its not just me I thought my client was broken
  14. Same same. Restarted client, and nothing
  15. Same here!
  16. Also have the same problem as described above.
  17. mine is fixed now!
  18. Fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  19. Yep its working again, thanks staff!
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  20. the response time was grate ty staff!
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