RS3 Bots that work on Spectre

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  1. I was thinking, instead of everyone going and posting about which ones do not work, wouldn't it be easier to have a list of those that are confirmed to work? So why not start here. Post the bots that you have found to work and I will update this first post as people confirm their bot is working with Spectre. Screenshot of it working would be appreciated but not required.
    *Note I am recording those that work on Rs3

    Working bots:
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  2. Honestly, I don't think this thread will ever be checked beyond today.

    You're so much better off leaving your feedback on the actual bot thread so when users want to see if a script bot runs, they can just view that thread and review comments.

    Furthermore, leaving comments on other threads saying "this bot works" draws away from feedback being left in the appropriate thread which is vital for bot authors to keep their scripts bots up-to-date.
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  3. See in my opinion it was jsut more of to get a list of which ones are working, not to say which arent but to help the community know where are working atm
  4. But again, if people aren't using scripts bots with bugs, the bugs will never be identified and fixed.
  5. Bot Store > Sort By: Last Updated. What more do you need? From there you can easily look at the last few post on individual bot threads to see if it's working for people or not.
  6. Yeah i guess i see what you guys are saying, i was just trying to do something helpful for the community, you know what i mean "/
  7. I get that! Helps to remind people that community feedback is the #1 way to improve bots :)

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