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  1. Currently, I'm "attempting" to bot on darkscape and basically every bot that I've tried, It will walk to locations. So things like anti-ban "mouse movements,camera movements"

    But none of them will click objects, Like trees,flax, Agility courses. Etc..

    The bot will just stand in one place.

    Tried this on my computer and a virtual box with windows 8.1 still the same issue.

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    Post #13 by Arbiter, Sep 23, 2015
  3. Bot authors have to adapt their bots to make them work with DarkScape I believe. Wait a few days or contact the author of the bot you are trying to use by posting on that bot's thread.
  4. Thats the thing, My private bot I got made directly for Darkscape don't even click for me, But it works for other people apparently. Same for the other bots.
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  5. @Cloud tag for attention. @QuickRSGold can you tell us what your gamepack ID is? It shows up before the game has loaded.
  6. Gamepack is: 1acea204
    Version is V1.2.4
  7. I can confirm this. The script bot was written for darkscape. Works at my place, but at his, it cant click any object.
  8. If it helps I have the exact same issue.
    Windows 7 64
  9. @Cloud can we investigate?
  10. Even after update 1.2.6 Still nothing, Hoping this new dedi i bought will work.
  11. @Cloud tag. Btw @QuickRSGold each computer gets a randomly assigned gamepack so your dedi may work actually. :)
  12. Soo I take it there is no fix?
  13. Ok... I was having the same issue as u did.
    I loaded up RS3 client and then started DS client. Its working now. :p
    I started having this issue after fresh install of win 7 64 bit.
  14. @Cloud cache related?

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    Should be resolved in latest update. @QuickRSGold
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