Botting A Main [1760 TL]

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  1. Hey everyone, so this account i been playing on is a 10 year + vet on runescape. within the year, i was able to recover and begin playing on it again. Pre-SPectre, i would bot using Rumemate, an eventually i was banned. On Jan 6th 2016. I wasn;'t perm banned, just mid way, so i got a second chance. (lucky) since then, i have not botted and played strictly legit on that acc at least.
    --My question is as followed. i wanna bot on it, at least just agility to 90... in a pro-longed time manner, like 4 hrs a day of botting it at rooftops. i know the risk of loosing this acc and all the content on it is present, but yeah. so what does everyone think? what are some suggestions/ thoughts on this? being new client seems pretty op for most far.
  2. Do it in a smart manner and you should be fine, personally I would not risk it.. Than again here I am botting an account with 99 str hp def att between 5 - 7 hours a day (With breaks) and I'm fine
  3. If you're only planning on botting 4 hours a day, spread it out and do stuff in between runs.

    eg. 1 hour in the morning, couple different things (slayer etc) for a couple hours, 2 hours at lunch and another hour later on.

    Honestly thought don't bot what you aren't willing to lose.
  4. the simple fact that i run risk of being banned is killing me, Also, you guys read correctly right, that i am already half way banned
  5. I am no expert in how Jagex handles their bot protection, but I imagine an account previously banned for botting would be watched closer than other accounts/the risk of a ban is much higher. Personally, I wouldn't risk it.
  6. yeah the risk is worth the loss. i'd be loosing ALOT. all hard diaries done alone ;[]
  7. Don't do it. Just make another acc and bot on that.
  8. Don't bot that account lmao... My main has a black mark as well and it's tempting.
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  9. I bot regularly on my pre-invention comped main, close to 1b total xp and I already have had two temp bans on it.

    The two tempbans were from Powerbot and RiD, not from Runemate ;)
  10. I botted on my second account for a long time, and has better stats than my main , lol :p
    It's tempting, but not worth it. Make a second account :)
  11. Eh, dont bother lost my maxed account being greedy on spectre :p. Guess that will teach me.
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  12. He makes a good point, create a second account and bot that, this would allow for you to trade anything valuable off the account if you are botting and if you lose it you don't lose everything!
  13. Gonna make a 2nd acc
  14. I'm botting on a 1650 total level account - No bans yet. I'm keeping it mixed, training different skills during the day and botting only 5-8 hours a day.

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