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Discussion in 'Goals' started by VAG, Sep 29, 2015.


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  1. Heyo,
    I am not sure how many of you guys out here know who am I. Oh, yeah - me neither but however yeah, I am highly known on other Runescape botting community. However, that bot only does support OSRS - and I wanna get into that awesome RS3 bossing again, after my main got banned for bug abuse back in 2014. Lost over 2.6B in gold, and a maxed total main..

    When I used to play RS, the content I found most enjoyable was bossing. I mean, those long nights with few good friends and a couple of beers spent in the God wars, those were actually kind of fun. This is the experience I will be re-creating by botting, due my profession as a Marine Engineering Officer of Watch (yeah, long ass title) takes over 40% off my
    time at the dry land per each year, and hence I wan't to do something else with my life (read go to night clubs and f0k dem ladies) botting is the best way for me to train the stats.

    What I will be botting is about the following
    • 99 str, attack, defence, hitpoints, magic, ranged, prayer and 99 summoning
    • 99 dungeoneering
    • 2400+ total level lol
    What if I get banned?
    I will buy a 0.7l bottle of 40% Vodka, drink it with 1-go, film it and post it here. So wish me and my liver good luck.


    UPDATE 1
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  2. Best of luck mate !
    How many hours a day will you be botting ?
    Will you also do quests every day, or ?
  3. Let's just say that I do break and do random stuff, like scam and troll people etc. on Grand Exchange. W2 btw.
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  4. Goodluck mate.
  5. Good luck man, and welcome to the community!
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  6. Yes, I am the man. Mark my words.
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  7. Good luck man, i'm doing something similar
  8. Updated thread. Sorry for delay. See the first post for current progress.

    Over 6 million exp gained.
  9. Nice. I lost my main a few months back, so I might try something similar. Best of luck. :D
  10. Goodluck lol. Kinda want you to fail just to watch the video xD Are you from osbot? We don't censor our users so you can speak freely about other bots if you wish.
  11. Nice trap m8
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  12. Yes, I am.
  13. I used to write bots there, then i moved here :) I had a thiever there which i actually directly ported over to runemate (that's why it's so shit, i wrote it a year before moving here lol)
  14. #aidden blaming
  15. Lol well it's true, i was a shit scripter. But i've gotten better :) Wish i had enough time to rewrite everything now.
  16. I love this idea, I will be doing something very similar except it's members
  17. osbot is garbage
  18. OSBot has awesome community. Please no flaming.
  19. OSbot is full of scammers haha
  20. Every community has them. This is not a OSBot thread.

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