Botting after 48 hr ban..

Discussion in 'General' started by RazorbackJ, Dec 25, 2015.

  1. Is it suicide? My main just got hit with a 48 hr ban and I know it could be worse.

    I wouldn't mind playing legit again, but I would only touch it a few hours a week I imagine.
  2. Yeah it's suicide to directly start botting again. You COULD go play legit the next two months or so and then start botting again if you really wanted to.
  3. Rule 1 when it comes to botting:

    Never bot on an account you're not willing to lose. Since it's your main + 48h ban, I'd say that you either stop botting or stay low for a while before continuing.
  4. Oh I know. RS has been losing my interest for a while, but I do enjoy it as a very small hobby. It sounds strange I'm sure.

    Might bot on my backup for money and then transfer so I can take the fast route on skilling. Thanks for the input guys!
  5. Since your 48 hour ban has finished, do you have the 7 day in-game time trade restriction? I do and its like playing Ironman mode haha
  6. While on the subject, whats a good amount of time to leave between botting? I had a acct i dont care about get a 48hour ban like 2 weeks ago, is that safe to start botting p2p again?
  7. Don't bot the account if you don't want to lose it, your much more likely to be caught after a temp ban...
  8. Well i don't care about the account but i do care about the 11mil bond i would buy :p . Ima just risk it. If i make the bond back + anything im laughing :D

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