RS3 Botting at Grenwalls (hunting tip)

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  1. Q.: Why hunt grenwalls?
    • Fast exp. Grenwalls are animals found on Tirannwn area and give us one the best way to reach hunt 99/120/200m exp. Each grenwall catched gives 1k+ exp. Very good for levels 89-99+ training;
    • Cool cash. When you hunt a grenwall you rececive some herbs, anytimes pawya meat, and ever "grenwall spikes". In the past, each spike cost 1k+gp, today it's like 152gp. But, looking that you can get 17-23 spikes per animal catched you get a cash like 2584~3496gp by catch. If you find a way of stay hunting these animals would be a nice cash...
    My tip

    Currently we have the Celestial Hunter on bot store. It supports Chinchompas very well (it gives me Hunting 99 :p). So what I'm wanting to say with this?

    Look, Grenwalls are catched like Chinchompas, the difference is that we need bait the trap.

    In the game we have some tasks for some areas, and Tirannwn have yours one. If you look around the internet you'll gonna see that the "Tirannwn medium tasks" gives a reward "hunt Grenwalls without baiting".

    So, after you getting the medium tasks of Tirannwn area, you can run the Celestial Hunter bot on any grenwall area that it will hunt the animals like take chinchompas, but no making banking, of course.

    P.S.: The Celestial Hunter currently bot "supports" grenwall catching, but it don't make banking when you run out of baits on backpack. This may be supported in future, but, for now, you can tease my solution/tip.
  2. For now I'll just suggest you to complete Tirannwn medium tasks. Med tasks are generally speaking easy.
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  3. You right, but don't forget that the "hard thing" here it's reach all the requisites for full set of tasks, especially the quests...(I don't like it, haha).

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