Botting bans?

Discussion in 'General' started by sergey140, Mar 1, 2015.

  1. Hey so i recently started botting on 2 accounts which have had no problem, no bans and have been running for several days. My question is, if those 2 accounts do get banned , will jagex flag the ip and ban all accounts made from that ip? Im asking this because everywhere i look people say jagex doesnt chain ban or ip flag, others say they do.
  2. I think it's up to the person who issued the ban or to the reason you were banned.
    Powermining iron isn't something dangerous for the RS economy, while goldfarming poses a threat.
  3. If your botting on the same IP as your main I would be a little cautious.
  4. They don't IP chain ban.
  5. Is this like a known fact? I've seen so many threads on other websites about this and there's a lot of mixed responses. But anyways I feel like if you have a bunch of accounts running on the same ip and one gets banned for botting, they might watch your accounts a little more closesly idk.
  6. I would've lost alot of gold farming bots if they did.

    They've stated publicly that they will not ban an account if they did not have proof it was botting.
  7. No, not with 2 accounts.
  8. While this is true i've had a gold mule banned when it had never been botted and had only been in use for a few days. Whereas previously i've used my main account to transfer money to all the time and it hasn't ever been banned. And i'm talking $200-300 worth per week transferred to my main. And only like a mill a day on the mule. So it's really hard to say what exactly is going on lol.

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