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  1. Hi Runemate, this is my first Guide (im sorry if i posted this thread in a wrong section)
    Let's begin

    Botting guide:

    • Do not bot 24/7, this is easy detectable and you will be banned.
    • Do NOT bot on your main account, this is very important. The point of botting is getting easy money and transfer it to your main account, if you go and get on your main banned then you will lose ANYTHING you worked for.
    • Try to use a VPN or VPS, or make sure you have a dynamic IP-adress this will help you.
    • Never have bots in the same world.
    • Get a good name like: AppleLover, GWDmaster, Bandosmaniac, etc..
    • Be like a human: Do not bot more than 4 - 8 hours a day! Why? There are 24 hours in a day, you will "sleep" for about 10 hours a day(24hours - 10 hours sleeping= 14 hours left) Take 6 hours off for security(14hours left - 6 hours security= 8 hours botting! ) You can bot MAXIMUM 8 hours a day, if you wanna bot more you will or can be banned in the future! Start a conversation with other players after 2 - 4 hours (Where should i train 50 - 70 fishing? What is your Woodcutting level? Pff im so tired need to get 80 Ranged today!)
    • Transfer every day your money on your botting account to your main account for security! If you have made 5m on your botting account and you did not transfer the money and you get banned you will lose your 5m!
    Feel free to comment below your botting tips, or feel free to ask anything about botting below or PM.
    I hope my guide help you botting, and i hope also you will not get banned!

    (Everything in this guide has been compiled from a lot of different members on different sites so it is near impossible for me to give thanks to them all for helping me compile this thread for botters.)
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  3. Thanks for the tips :) although we already do have a pretty comprehensive guide written by @EvilCabbage
  4. You can't go wrong with two guides;)
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  5. If a person would just think about it they can bot safe :D
  6. Nice guide nonetheless of what has been said above. I'm going to add the importance of a decent username to my own list. :)
  7. You're right, but getting extra tips is helpfull ^^,
    Thank you, you may add it no problem :)

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