RS3 Botting Habbits

Discussion in 'RS3' started by q5EJXRlPG6WX, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. Was just wondering, How long do you guys bot, and for which skills and stuff?

    I have been having bad luck lately, And i can't seem to figure out why i am having bad luck and being banned.
  2. I have a thread about just that stickied in the guides section :)
  3. I have read the thread, But still, i can't seem to bot for more than 2 days on any account doing 6 hours a day, Which i don't understand because other account's i have botted for 8+hours for weeks straight and no bans.
  4. Are they brand new accounts?
  5. The first account was made in 2003, I had an account from 2005, and another from 2007, granted the later 2 was accounts i just made and left setting in lumbridge and the first one was my first ever main account when i started playing the game.
  6. Start bot > start witcher 3 > stop playing witcher 3 > stop bot

    Has worked for a month, averaging 4-5 hours a day, same skill, same place.

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