Botting is good? See why it is!

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    By Jord11111
    So I thought a lot about this and I wanted to list my thoughts and experiences.
    Surprise, surprise it's about bots.
    So the thing is, I always read a lot about people complaining about bots and it made me think.
    What are the real downsides of bots? And are there really no good things about bots?

    There are certainly some good things about bots. Let's take a look at the population.
    Like 60% of the F2P + P2P Players are bots/have botted. We have all noticed that after the huge 'bot nuke'
    runescape got very unpopulated. Ofcourse for some players this is very fortunate, they have free spots.
    But I found myself lonely, the feeling that there we're players around me made me feel better for some reason.
    Being alone somewhere bores me. I know bots aren't talking back or something, but they do make me feel more comfortable, I don't know why.

    Now let's take a look at the economy.
    Bots make the runescape economy roll, it's simple as that. Without the massproduction that bots take credit for, the economy in runescape
    will fall to a point where prices will be insane and people will not be able to afford it. Well that might not be totally true since your own resources
    will also increase so you will earn more money aswell. But if we take a look at the supplies, bots take a very important part in this one. Take for an example:
    Yew Logs. With bots there is a massproduction of lets say 100k yew logs in the game each day, many people demand this resource for there own skillings and
    are too lazy to cut it themselves so they buy it in the Grand Exange. Because of bots this is possible. Now imagine there is no single bot in the game.
    Without bots the supplying of yew logs will decrease by like 70% maybe even 80%. That means there will be 20k yew logs available each day in the Grand Exange.
    But the amount of skillers which don't want to cut the wood themselves demand like 80k yew logs. This will ofcourse not be possible since there is simply not that much available.
    The good thing about this might be that players will return to the 'Real Runescape' and gather all the resources themselves.
    But admit it 95% of you will never, ever cut 10k yew logs yourselves. Especially not if you need it fast, for a quest for example.
    So my conclusion here is that bots make this economy. Without it, it will simply be a crisis and people will get mad or bored because they can't buy there resources.
    The funny thing is that everybody in this game actually gains from bots. Even the people that hate them the most. Even while it's illegal

    A third thing is about real money.
    Jagex earns a lot of money from bots. My guess, ofcourse it aren't official numbers.
    But 50% the members right now are bots, let's say there are 400,000 members at this very moment. So there are 200,000 bot-members.
    The money that jagex would gain from this is 200,000 x $7,95 is 1,6 million dollar each month that means they earn 1.6 x 12 = 19.2 million dollar each year on bots only.
    That's not so bad is it? Atleast for them. We won't see much of it back, maybe a few more updates, more developments for the game? But that will be it.

    A fourth thing that you should take very seriously, botting is healthy.
    When I started playing runescape it became addictive very fast. I think many of you will agree with me.
    This came to a point where if friends would ask me to come and play soccer or to meet up I decided to say no, because I didn't want to lose valuable time on my runescape account.
    As a result I sat behind my pc the whole day, I didn't move enough, didn't sleep enough. But I did eat too much though. I fortunatly don't become fat easily but many others do.
    This can lead to obesity and many other unhealthy complains. Also it unsocializes you. Because as I said, I declined all of my friends requests that they made to meet up.
    Ofcourse I feel bad about this now. I now regret all the time that I had put in runescape instead of in my friends. These are simple facts of an addiction, which many of the runescape players have.
    Even if they don't want to admit it or face it. I never wanted to admit it either. But now I'm old enough to do so.
    The funny thing here is that when I started trying out some bots and when I really started mastering it. It resulted in me accepting the requests of my friends, I would just simply
    set up a bot and don't lose valuable time and I could play soccer with my friends, for an example. So why put your life on stake if you can bot for a few hours when you have something else, something social to do.
    Playing runescape with bots made me enjoy the game even more then before. I still played the game for real, build my house, made my pies, complete my quests.
    Botting was for me some sort of solution for my addiction.
    My conclusion here is that botting is actually pretty healthy.

    Fifth runescape is mostly an afk game.
    For example take fishing. You click on water and wait till it's done or you have to change spot. It goes on and on like that. The same is true for most skills in the game.
    Why would you sit behind your pc and wait while your clicking? I mean if you put a bot on it, it results in exactly the same thing exept from you clicking it.
    Why would you blame other people for not wasting hours on sitting and waiting and clicking? I mean it's all about the same thing. I can't imagine people really enjoying that.
    I played this game for years and as I said I was addicted to it, but even I did not enjoy the clicking and waiting.

    Sixth there are simply too many bots.
    Jagex will never ever get rid of all the bots. Bots will simply come and go until they are banned. And when they are banned they create a new account and it will go on in a big circle.
    Even if Jagex might find a good anti-botting system there will always be a master in the scripting technologies that will be able to slip through it.
    Jagex can try so hard, people can hate so much but it will never help to get rid of all the bots. And even if they'd find a magical way it might even result in a bigger disaster as you can read from my points above.

    Now that I have listed all the good things about bots, I ofcourse want to mention some of the bad things about bots aswell.
    So I thought about the pro's and cons of bots a long time, that's also why this is quite a big post.

    The worst thing about botting is probably the fact that bots manipulate the rankings. I get why people whom achieved everything by hand are mad about this.
    They have put all there valuable time in achieving the things they have and bots simply don't even touch their keyboards.
    I agree that this is bad. But from another point of view, why would you care? It's not that if a bot would reach 99 fishing you would dissapear from the game or you would lose your stuff.
    Do you know I mean? It's just it doesn't really aggrieve you. In face there are thousands of people walking with a skillcape out there, botted or not, so you would always stay in the same place where you were anyway.
    My conclusion here is that even though botting manipulates the rankings, it does not harm you or aggrieve you in any way in the game.

    For some people another bad thing about bots is that they make some popular training places too crowded. Which I understand can be very annoying.
    But there are so many worlds out there, so many skills to train, things to do. That there will always be another option for you when those places aren't 'available'.

    This was only my point of view on botting. I do understand why people could hate it.
    And I'm curious if you guys understand my point of view aswell if you even took the effort of reading it.
    I'm also pretty interested in how you guys look at botting, do you hate it? Do you not mind it? Do you enjoy it? Do you take advantage of the other bots? Or do you even do it yourself?


    Now don't say:
    'Why would people even play the game if they bot?' that's a sentence that has been said way too often right now. As I explained I only botted in the time that I had other things to do,
    so that I did not lose any valuable time in the game itself when I was away. I also botted the things I just really hated to do myself, but which I still needed. Besides that I enjoyed the game,
    I enjoyed playing it when I had time to play it.

    by Samuk190
    Ps 2.0 : I got two accounts permanned banned, i didnt bot much, just 20 hours
    and i played more than 400 hours in that account and got lvl 60 melee, attack defense and mage.
    played since 2008 as a good member :D and I'm a brazilian, so i never read the Terms and Conditions.

    I dont have time to play as i have university, but i can join in the game for wars, or battles.

    So... What we're talking about?
    Bot is good, for economy and for the people that dont have time to do repetitive tasks, or lose their free time like a kid. IT IS NOT FUNNY the repetitive tasks.

    If jagex want to make the game better and less bottable, they should create more anti-afk tasks... funny tasks, like Clan wars rewards, i dont know... things that players really can play and have fun of it.
    And stop banning people, it is RIDICULOUS, see how many players has left the game since the ban hammer did effect..
    When i played before it was more than 6 servers full. now ask me how many it is full..

    Runescape old was created to make more money...
    With +- 200 k active players and + 200 k bots member
    they earn more than 2 millions of dollars a month...

    What you think about?
    if i was the owner of runescape, I will choice to make the graphics more medieval and realistic, and the attack style better without the "skills" that are made to get more Money from the players.
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    The dugeooning idea was good, the Runescape 2 was good.
    I was alot of fun with my friends playing at dugeons, they need do more stuff like that, get friends or know more people and work together.
    They should release together skills, yes missions that you need do with a friend to levelup a skill..

    Thats my through, and i will USE BOTS FOR EVER NOW
    until i get my first account 99 in everything.
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    Where did you derive your values from?
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    Appreciate the effort but im too tired to read an SA
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    Agree with the dungeoneering and rs2 part.
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    buying tl;dr
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    I completely agree with this.

    Couldnt have said it better
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    Yes please, me too.
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    Tldr: bots care for economy. No bots = no resources = people would have to chop 10k logs manually. They wouldnt, they quit. Bots are good for keeping social life. Ill reply more later as omw
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    TL;DR: Everyone used to bot, botting benefits the economy by providing raw resources for skillers etc, botting generates huge amounts of money for Jagex.

    Just pointing out that Jagex were in deep shit at that time because of the insane amount of fake CCs and fraud because of goldfarmers.

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    ha fuck you :p
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    Two mins later, thanks for the info, that indeed is right.

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