RS3 Botting overnight - 6 hours in 32 minutes

Discussion in 'RS3' started by Viewer, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. I was wondering how was my botting progress while I was sleeping, so I decided to record the whole thing and speed it up, there is not much interesting content besides my account training and getting some levels.

    Enjoy :p
  2. For us to see it, you need to make it Unlisted, rather than private.
  3. Sorry and thank you! :p Already fixed
  4. Very nice, Enjoyed watching... Kinda. Woulda been better on osrs :p
  5. i've been doing that for awhile. got 77k energies last night :D
  6. I've got a bot running at 13.5 hours and still counting. Unfortunately have to stop it soon though because my ram is screwed and i need to use android studio. The two don't mix well haha
  7. I actually watched most of that video. It feels good to see the fruits of our labor pay off. :D
  8. I got hit with a runescape update :(
  9. My longest is 16h hrs. :D
  10. That must have been a huge file size! :eek:
  11. 7,3GB only :p
  12. Ah, thats not too bad.
  13. Is that script bot released? :D
    I bot on my second laptop, and use teamviewer to be able to kinda babysit it :)
    I bot 6h's in the day, and max 6h at night :)
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