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  1. It's been about 5 days and surprisingly enough I haven't been banned. Now I pretty much went the dumb route and only did WC but hey,I guess it was good enough :) I plan on starting fishing once I get to 80 WC on both accounts just to try and make them last longer. I botted from 4PM till 5AM the next day so for about 13 Hours (For 2 days of the week) give or take.For the other 3 days I did from 2PM till 5AM the next day on 3 days of the week (Roughly 14 hours). I did take 8 hour long breaks tough when I was at work. I've been using Pi Chopper by the way,although it does mis-click on oaks while doing yews it has done me well and it hasn't got me banned yet,so all in all I prefer it being slightly slower and keeping Jagex off my tail.

    Pics :D
    BOT 1 :
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    BOT 2 :
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. I am going to do the same thing but on a much larger scale, I have a few servers being setup now and going to run about 20 bots. Going to be crazy :D
  3. As long as I get some free membership I don't mind :p
  4. Very nice... although you'll most likely end up getting banned due to having 1 in almost every stat along with that sudden 70 wc:eek:
  5. I know ;) but I honestly couldn't care less about these accounts,as long as they survive the first 18 hours and I trade over the cash,but hey if they survive till 80 WC I'll start doing fishing.
  6. Pi Chopper master race amiright? :D

    I'm aware of the missclicking, I can't fix it no matter what I try. If there's a dev that would like to recommend me how I can fix it, plshalp.
  7. There was a timewasting bot on tribot which you could use to bypass tradelimit. However, you'd need VIP (7.99$ I think) in order to run tribot for longer sessions. Wish someone made something alike for RuneMate:)
  8. Why not just bot something instead of idling. No xpwaste or gpwaste.
  9. And get banned within 5min lol?
  10. Considering mine lasted this long,I doubt you'd get banned in 5 minutes
  11. I have really, really bad luck with osrs botting...
  12. Both accounts got chain-banned so RIP,but hey I managed to get 3M OS GP off them. :D

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