Botting Skillcape Achievements

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  1. [​IMG]

    This thread contains all of my successful skillcapes from botting on Runescape.

    _____Main Account__________Old Main Account________Old Main Account__________Gold Farmer

    [​IMG] __[​IMG]__[​IMG]__[​IMG]
    _____Main Account____________ Main Account________________Skiller__________________Main Account
    ______Hellhounds_______________Maples/Yews______________Runespan________________Dragon Bones

    As of right now, I've decided to focus mainly on gold farming. So, until further notice, no skillcape goals will be set/met.

    Let me know if this viewing window is compatible for you, I'm still developing it to make it more pleasing. If you have any organization recommendations, let me know!
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  2. I prefer the old style of the skillcapes now they look so ordinary.
  3. I think they look more like the 120's, just makes them more high-def and sleek. I don't like how the item looks in your inventory though, it looks like a colored stick. You can't even tell what cape it is really.
  4. What an ugly cape design. Nice job man!
  5. I just wish we could switch to the old style.
  6. Yeah, I like them but think they could've been improved in a different way. They look somewhat awkward. Thanks!
    That would be a cool idea.
  7. looking pretty sweet

    any recommendations on 99 thieving? im looking to get that soonish
  8. Im going for 99 Crafting only doing Gold Necklace, pretty much suiciding :p
  9. I'm at a loss of how to train thieving, I'm struggling to get mine to 70 on my main. I don't bot much on him which makes it even tougher.

    Nice, good luck! Just be careful, you can either get lucky and get no ban or anything or get a permanent ban. Gotta get lucky!
  10. Ah, bummer! Thanks :)
  11. They announced they would add an option within a month to change between old and new style by toggling on the cape. Hopefully it changes the icon style too.
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    Pyramid plunder once I finish my script bot ;) Keep getting sidetracked and start new projects when I'm 75% through my last >.> I'm thinking I might write a thieving guild script bot if its still good xp

    & @opticness

    Very best of luck :) I, myself have botted a fully maxed main, working on a second which is at 1900 total currently and starting an 07 main.

    Best advice I can give from experience, bot progressively and mix it up. It took 3 and a 1/2 years without any bans for my max.
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  12. Wow, that's impressive. I've gotten banned from using RuneMate only when suiciding on several accounts at once, so now I'm just running one at a time and seeing how it goes.
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    UPDATE: As of 4/3/15:
    I achieved 99 RuneCrafting on a suicide skiller account. This marks the first 99 of this account, with more hopefully soon to come.
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    UPDATE: as of May, 2015:
    Achieved 99 Prayer on my main account. This marks the last set skillcape for the time being, for now I will be focused on gold farming. Until further notice, all skillcape goals will be suspended.
  13. Currently botted 99 Construction, Firemaking and Runecrafting on my level 3 - Going for divination as we speak.

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