Botting Still not safe on other clients Q.Q

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by goody599, Nov 17, 2015.

  1. Botting still isnt safe, just used a wine drinking bot on rsbot (Powerbot) for 6 Miniutes max and got perma banned. It is not safe on any client i urge you if you need to do for very short moments and only on proxy (not main) accounts
  2. As long as our client is down, botting will not be safe. RSBot just doesn't care about its users and lets them bot regardless of it being an instant perm ban.
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  3. thanks for the heads up.
  4. You are a liar. Their client is safe, they say so themselves! :p
    Good ol' powerbot.
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  5. Even doing it for a few minutes on a proxy is not safe at the moment, mate. It's just better to lay low for a little and then bot away once RM is back up rather than risk the ban.
  6. It'd be pretty funny if RM ends up like RiD Genesis.
    1.) Photoshop the "GUI" a little bit every month and call them improvements.
    2.) Say some shit about it's soon ready for the beta stage where you'd need to be unlimited VIP to join. And that costs like £200.
    3.) Delay the ETA for a year and a half while improving your sick photoshop skillz. Also, you'd still be hustling £200 every now and then.
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  7. I hope not. I want to get back to botting asap
  8. I've been logged in to powerbot for the last 24 solid hours straight and I'm not banned yet. Bad luck for you m9.
  9. Rest assured, @Cloud will have the client updated soon. He hadn't slept for nearly 40 hours because he was working on fixing the client and was determined to have a fix out yesterday. Unfortunately, even the mighty need to sleep :)
  10. I stopped using powerbot when I discovered RuneMate .. I have no idea why but most of the scripts bots on powerbot are buggy and unreliable. But that seems more rare on RuneMate.
  11. I haven't used powerbot in ages... but every time I did, the banhammer fell upon me. Once upon a time, I used ArbiBots. Swore by it. best thing ever. Then P00f. Gone. :c Since then I've been using Epicbot, which I've only ever received a ban on for botting 2+ accounts simultaneously... But then RuneMate came along, and gave me 99 RC in 5 days via suicide.., I fell in love. :D
  12. thing is, as said before, just try to look as human as possible, dont bot too much, make breaks, switch skills, do some questing, whatever

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