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  1. Hi,

    I just wanted to ask, how significant is time when it comes to botting? I don't mean the length you bot but I mean what time it is.

    It may sound silly but as Jagex are based in England, is it safer to bot during night time (GMT) when there's no one in their office?

    I read about people getting ban for only doing an hours worth of botting and then I read people are able to bot for like 12 hours. What if they are unknowingly doing it GMT night?
  2. to get banned you have to be detected by their system and the system will run 24 hours a day. I just got banned right now about 20 minute ago and its past midnight in the UK.
  3. I bot regular Australian playing times 10AM-10PM GMT+11. Only 2 hours at the end of the night is when it becomes 9AM in the UK and if (very rarely) a ban occurs on one of my accounts it happens then.
  4. Hmm, thought it was worth an ask as I've only even been ban during GMT working hours
  5. They are usually auto bans and then reviewed during working hours, so really no special time.
  6. It might save you from manual bans, but other than that; it doesn't make much difference.
  7. All the times I've been caught lately was "bot busting" which I believe is a manual ban from Jagex rather than their systems catching you
  8. They focus on gametime, and on mouse movements.
    If you take breaks every 2-3 hours, you'll be in the safe.
    Also, chat every now and then, even if there's no one around, and make unexpected mouse movements.
    Eating food is also a good way to stay hidden.

    Their timezone doesn't matter.

  9. That's an impressive account!
  10. You should only show your stats unless you have a ban wish.
  11. Used src element to edit some XP's + combat hidden.
  12. I was given the understanding that the weekends are pretty safe.
  13. Why that

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