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  1. I thought that we might need break handler that can set breaks with a random values between an upper and a lower limits of time that would be set. for example: take a random break for every hour plus or minus 10 minutes. the break is five minutes plus or minus a minute. I've found this in some other site which I'm not gonna "raawr" tell its name, and I thought it would be great to have it in here.
  2. I'm pretty sure this will be added in the near future but isn't high priority at the moment. If not scripters will probably start adding it into their scripts bots. And it's fine to talk about other bots here, we don't mind :)
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  3. It's totally okay to talk about Simba ;) and other bots, you don't gotta censor it lol. Welcome, I will be adding this to some of my bigger upcoming bots.
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  4. Is this still not on the high priority list? Just curious :)

    Would be awesome to have a break handler, especially for VPN users ^.^
  5. Why should this be on the high priority list? :p
    99% off all the users here has a smartphone, just install teamviewer and you can do it manually :)
    Doing this will be more human like then a breakhandling system. :p

    I prefer the idling inside scripts bots,... maybe idle so long that it lets the bot go to the lobby and then clicks back on "PLAY" after a few random Miliseconds (20.000-1.000.000 = 20 seconds -> 12 minutes) inside the lobby :)
    A breakhandler has always been a point where i think it increases the banchance...
    Back in 2009 i noticed that the banned users of my bots (RSBot) were always the once who used the breakhandle option :p
    But, i think this is debatable :)
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  6. You have to keep in mind that most scripts bots were not optimized for use with the breakhandler, or you could say the breakhandler wasn't optimized to work with most scripts bots. Often the breakhandler would mess up in bad situations and when it logged back in, often the script bot was out of the loop because it was poorly written.
  7. this is very true :s scripts bots back then crashed alot... damn i miss the NeXuS client for this... that thing was damn Flawless...

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