OSRS Brody's Fire Cape Service [Free Jads] 500+ Completed

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  1. [​IMG]

    My Only Skype: BrodyPB


    ^^Click to add me - avoid imposters^^

    Service Status: Open

    This service is currently for 07 Scape only.

    I will do wave 62 and 63 for you for free.

    Please post here and add my skype.

    See directly below for vouches.


    ^^^^^^500+ Completed Click Me^^^^^

    I am now doing COMPLETE fire capes again see below:


    [​IMG]61-69 - $15 [​IMG]40-49 add $5[​IMG]1 add $5

    [​IMG]70-79 - $13 [​IMG]50-59 add $2[​IMG]2-45 add $3

    [​IMG]80-89 - $12 [​IMG]60-69 add $1[​IMG]46-69 add $1

    [​IMG]90-99 - $10 [​IMG]70-99 add $0[​IMG]70-99 add $0

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]


    Contact info/skype:
    Have you added my Skype Y/N.
    Price/Payment method:
    Ranged level:
    Defence level:
    Hitpoints level:
    Prayer level:.
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  2. Added you. Might need a cape for my Rune Pure in the future.
  3. Can you help me properly format my topic?
    Im familair with sythe and powerbot forums but this is tricky for me
    my skype is brodypb if u dont adding me
  4. Thx for my fire cape Brodstroms
  5. [​IMG]
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  6. Dang wish this was rs3 aswell
  7. Open.
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  8. Any idea if you ever will do rs3 services?
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  9. "I ponder" -Brody
  10. 07 olny
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