Broken method list.

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  1. Legacy Mode (RS3)
    Error: didn't work on legacy mode on other modes i assume it works.
    Method: getPoints()
    Code (Text):
    2.   /**
    3.     *
    4.     * @return returns the remaining amount of summoning points must be on legacy mode.
    5.     */
    6.    public static int getSummoningPointsLegacyMode() {
    7.      InterfaceComponent ic = Interfaces.getAt(1506, 4, 7);
    8.      if (ic != null)
    9.        return Integer.valueOf(ic.getText());
    10.      // throw error
    11.      return 0;
    12.    }
    13. [/spoiler]
  2. And how do you calculate your maximum summoning points in legacy rs? Can you find a way so I can adjust the full api?
  3. i would use skill for maximum i mean that would work on any game mode..
  4. At a summoning level of 1 I have 10 summoning points, does that scale?
  5. Yes. Not sure what the effect of boosts like potions and special foods would have on it, as well as skill draining effects.
  6. Pretty sure legacy mode summoning points is interface 1506-4-7


    Sorry, didnt read OP's code

    Max summoning points is summoning level
  7. Summoning#getPoints has been fixed in beta 65
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  8. Removed again though????
  9. What do you mean?

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