BT Fisher Pro

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  1. Bravo Team Presents...

    BT Fisher Pro for OSRS ONLY

    PowerFishing and Banking

    Locations Supported:

    Barbarian Village
    Fishing Guild

    Shilo Village
    Al Kharid (Aladeen)

    Barbarian Outpost
    Ottos Grotto

    Red = Not Finished Yet

    Coming soon


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  2. Cool! Keep em' coomin!

    Would like to see some more intermediate scripts bots! Fishers and cookers and wcer all that is there, try out something new!
  3. What a lazy noob, the paint says logs.
  4. lolol why do u hate the guy so much and btw ur fighter can't seem to find npcs lol
  5. I don't hate him, he acts sensitive so its fun to mock him.

    My fighter isn't recognizing the controller, give me 2 hrs, I'll have it working.
  6. alright cool, also when is ur waterfiends script bot coming out :)
  7. Why is it a Pro script bot? Premium isn't out yet.
  8. [​IMG]
  9. Just saying... These have been conventions for a long time in the botting scene, so yeah.
  10. finished Draynor and Ottos Grotto

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