BTWoodcutter Pro 1.02

Cut most trees and bank almost everywhere.

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  2. Not sure if clever or lazy af.
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  3. He copied coma's paint so lazy I guess.
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  4. Clever AF

    I swear I will end you if you don't drop the Coma shit right now
  5. I have the same thing, so probably lazy :p
  6. [​IMG]
  7. [​IMG]
  8. What happens if we put nothing in the X and Y boxes confused about it.
  9. the x and y boxes create the area that you want to cut trees in. If you don't put anything you won't have an area to cut in, and it won't cut the trees you want. Thnink of it like this:

    your player is at position (2013, 3423). If you put 5 in each box, your area will contain 5 tiles in every direction. Within this area is the trees you want to cut
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  11. a decent amount of users and nobody is posting assuming it works good?
  12. I'll test it out tomorrow.
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  13. there are now over 60 people using this and not 1 comment...the leeches are real
  14. I still have no clue how the banking works.
    Does the bank have to be in your area?
  15. lolwut

    no it banks at the closest bank to your woodcutting area
  16. Hi, Does the banking work for Yews near G.E.?
  17. i haven't added GE to the banks enum, so no
  18. Are you planning on adding GE banking soon? Great script bot by the way, have used it since lvl 1 :).
  19. sure, ill work on adding it this weekend
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