Resolved Bugged GameObject models @Wildy Agility

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  1. I was testing my Agility script bot's Wilderness course when I noticed that it likes to get stuck at the "Balancing log".
    Further investigation shows this, which prevents the script bot from interacting with the log:
    The "Stepping stone" is also bugged, but the bounds still allow the script bot to interact:

    Dev kit was not on low-CPU mode, and other the models of other objects were rendered properly.
    Both of these objects types are GroundDecoration, whereas everything else is primary. Not sure if it's relevant but I thought it was worth noting.

  2. Does the dev toolkit show a model hash for these objects?
  3. Yep.
    Log: -1351033801
    Stepping stone: -1351033801

    Both have Appearance: [17919] as well, and sizes 1x1
  4. That means that's what's being shown is the actual model defined for that object's definition. Appearance is essential model ids.
  5. The models shown look a bit off though, don't they?
  6. The models shown look a bit off though, don't they?
  7. I can't tell in regards to the first one, the second one looks like it's having some sort of issue with heights.
  8. The second one doesn't cover the real interactable bounds of the object, it's on the tile next to it. For now I'll set some forced bounds I guess.

    Is this something that can be fixed? Because the models shown don't match the object's model as well as they do with Primary Gameobjects at least :/
  9. Can you show me a better image of the second obstacle then, its somewhat hard to see from that angle.
  10. I got that wrong sorry, the first one is off by a tile. (The Balancing log)
    The second one matches the tile and the "model" is drawn diagonally through the object, so it doesn't really affect interaction.
  11. @Cloud
  12. @Cloud this is still happening
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    @Cloud pls
  13. It looks like the thing that as happening at Heffin where fixing it would require a lot more calculations.
  14. Any way that I could calculate the proper bounds once and then output the bounds so I can use them for forced bounds instead of playing around in a bounds editor?
  15. Can't you write a short bot, that scans with the mouse to look for whether or not it can interact with the object? Like an CT scan reconstruction?
  16. That would work fine for a 2d space, but it'd change depending on camera angle and distance :/
  17. Zoom out as far as possible, set the camera angle as close as possible to the ground, take a scan, rotate 90°, take another scan. Then logout and log back in and out till you are exactly above your character. Perform the scan again. This *should* be enough to create the 3-D shape, if the object is completely within your field of view, that is.
  18. And then translating that area into a set game world points? Editing bounds is way easier than that xD
  19. Haha yeah probably :D
    I'm just brainstorming along, trying to make some use of my education I had in physics :p

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