RS3 Burthorpe Cow Killer/Hide Tanner

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by ciresiuol, Jan 31, 2015.


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  1. Could someone please write a script bot to kill cows in Burthorpe, loot the hides, run to Jack Oval and tan them (he's the crafting tutor; right between the cows and the bank), then bank them and repeat? I was attempting to, as I used to write scripts bots for Runedev Infinity back when it was around, but I never used an SVN and can't get it figured out...

    Also, a simple tanning script bot for Burthorpe would be nice as well (seems faster than Al-Kharid to me, and the guy never moves so it's easier to click on him)... The way I do it is I make 2 normal runs, then teleport back so it restores some run energy, then repeat...

    Please include support for all types of leather as well... And a paint showing profit/hour, or at least hides/hour would be nice...
  2. Killing cows there and tanning the hides?
    What would you estimate the profit would be?
    Don't you think cowhides themselves sell for more?
    Do you think the exp here is decent?
  3. Profit would be around 100k/hr or so, possibly more...
    Hard Leather and Soft Leather both currently sell for more than the hides... But they could also be used for crafting...
    Exp is decent for new accounts (which is what I want it for... Have a few throwaway accounts botting there while I play on my main...)

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