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Spin over 1,000 bow strings an hour

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    BUSpinner - Spin over 1,000 bow strings an hour

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  2. thank god for a spinner that isn't seers
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    Im having an issue where if i try to add this to my bot list, it wont show up
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  3. Thanks for this! I will test it out & provide my feedback
  4. Really not sure what would cause this. Make sure you are not in SDK mode as usually public bots don't show up in SDK mode.

    Thanks! Let me know, The bot is still new and I would expect some bugs as more people with different setups try the bot out. Currently have mine going for 13 hours at the moment with 1050 bow strings/hour though!
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  5. Seeing it run I can say that is slow. It is bot-like, considering it stops by the stairs for a good 2 seconds to find the stairs. The averages per/hour by hand are between 1200-1300flax/hour. But nonetheless, it is a good start!

    EDIT: No bugs to be reported. Runs well, I like the accuracy of how it clicks on the spinner wheel rather than right-click.
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    Is the number of flax to be spun, always the same? or based on the user's keystrokes via clouse? Whatever it is, If it can be edited, I'd prefer different numbers to be entered at random intervals. Would aid as an anti ban.
  6. I submitted an update that should be available whenever staff get around to it that should change the following:
    • Faster refresh rate when deciding when to click the stairs with random intervals to make it pause significantly less when heading through obstacles as well as adds some anti-ban.
    • Path finding should actually walk to the tile at the stairs and bank instead of 1 to the side etc.
    • Random number typed in every time when choosing flax to spin quantity.
    • Stops bot if out of flax instead of being stuck in a fractal of deposits/withdrawals
    • Fix two other crashes that were reported
    I only tested 4 bots at once for 1 hour~ and none of them had any major crashes/getting stuck. Thanks for the feedback, I will actively be testing this a ton more to get that flax/hour up to the 1150-1250 range.
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  7. Its still getting stuck at the stairs sometimes :/ [​IMG]
  8. @Evap, The bot gets stuck at the stairs because of the camera angle. The angle turns a certain way to find the stairs, at the moment it gets stuck, the camera is inside the west wall on the 2nd floor of the castle. This happened in the very first version as well.
  9. I'll take a look at it... Really sucks I can't reproduce it.
  10. My bot was standing there for almost 3hours this time.
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  11. Get stuck heading up stairs i think it has to do with the camera movement
  12. Yeah, Bot gets stuck, Have a fallback after a timeout with a camera reset?
  13. Same as other people have said, it gets bugged at the stairs cause of camera movement.
  14. Yeah, seem's camera moves to far 'right' facing the stairs... There anyway you can add a option for the camera to not move? and have it fixed in one position? looking twards west/northwest.. 'gets stuck looking/facing south' :) hope all helps and is good thanks. :) if it happens again I'll try to show you some how how it's happening.

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