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Discussion in 'General Market' started by Rekke, May 28, 2015.

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  1. Which linux distro?
  2. You just need to add Runemate and maybe Simba to your "Bot" Folder.
  3. I think you need to expand, RAM-wise. You can run about 2 or 3 bots on 6GB of RAM unfortunately.
  4. While I have no intention of using this service, it's far too vague.
    The particular OS provided is important, as are the specs of the server, as you could essentially rip people off by gauging performance solely on cores.
  5. hey guys, my bad! operating system is up to you (any linux distro available)
    I prefer to setup ubuntu/debian/centos personally :p
  6. Well that didn't necessarily answer my question, but okay.
  7. You didn't even phrase it as a question.
  8. Even so, it's fairly evident that I wanted more information as to the specs, though I suspect he won't divulge that.
  9. bump
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    online :)
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    i'm not really sure how to bump my thread, sorry if i'm doing it wrong xd
  10. Advertising an external site requires you to have that sexy pink supporter rank ;)

    Click upgrade in the top bar, shoot Arbiter a few dollars, and you're good to go!
  11. done. how do I bump my thread on this forum?
  12. By posting haha, feel free to suggest a bump button in the site support section
  13. And don't worry about double posting. They get merged and the last post date/time updated (aka a bump).
  14. awesome, thanks guys
  15. im not buying a vps from you because og you being very unprofessional added him on skype to talk business but before i were able to talk he invited me and 500 other persons on a group thats just immature.
    wont be using but good luck.
  16. You say lowest price, but this is far from low, The windows vps is just outrageous for what you get.
  17. sorry we couldn't work together, would appreciate if you didn't post negative comments on my thread though, completely uncalled for.
    kinda reflections a bit on yourself too as a person :)
  18. Negative comments on market threads are allowed to show how your service really is, you should not use your business skype on immature stuff like that.
  19. good to see nice people on the forums =]
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