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Discussion in 'General Market' started by kristiaan, Jul 26, 2015.

  1. Hey guys,

    I am looking to buy 100m rs3 GP.
    I am offering 20$ Paypal.
    Its for personal use.

    Intrested? post below.
    • I will go first to staff or bot author++
    • Or we will use a middleman, who will hold the 100m, ill send the money, and then he trades me the 100m.
    • Or if you trust me enough you can go first.

    Note: Please don't post, that its way to low for 100m, cuz i just called and they said that they will have stock again in 3 days, and that they will sell me 100m for 20$.

    I can confirm this :) He went first and everything went smooth! :)
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  2. Still need?
  3. I can middleman if needed :)
  4. <3
    Yes i am still looking for it :D if you want we can do this tonight :)
  5. Are you around kristiaan?
  6. Atm it's 13;01 pm here xp I am still at work
  7. hey kristiaan after u buy ur 100m send some sellers my way i need some GP :p BUT! after u get w.e u need i dont really trust many of these online GP selling sites
  8. Haha np :)
    once I get my dedicated server I am going to start a gold farm :) and then I will be sell ing GP myself; )
  9. wat u mean by ur dedicated server?
  10. A server that he controls, aka a VPS
  11. Dedi and vps are not quite the same :p
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  12. i have no clue wats o ever lol
  13. gl running 20 runemates
  14. lol 20 on 1 computer insaneeee unless u have a super computer
  15. i know its hard cuz each uses 2gb ram i cant even do it with 32gb ram pc and i7 3770k overclocked processor..
  16. 2gb+ depending on how long u use and all too lol
  17. Transaction complete. Great guy very smooth :)
  18. sell me some
    brezzo.rsps < skype

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