Buying $1200 worth of RSGP

Discussion in 'General Market' started by IbrahimA, Aug 20, 2016.

  1. Looking to buy at around $.19/m

    I've handled (bought, sold and MM'd) over 30B offsite (will prove this if necessary). Willing to use an MM from here, preferably someone that has a lot to lose if they were to scam.

    Can pay via bank transfer (UK), Skrill, PayPal, BTC or Netteller. If you'd like to be paid through other means, do ask and it could be arranged.

    (This will probably prove a lot about how much I make per year - (if you know, you know)).
  2. This is RuneScape 3 Right?
  3. I feel like contacting a staff member for such a large transaction is a better idea.. and I suggest any potential seller to use some form of irreversible payment method like western union / bitcoin.
  4. True story brah
  5. Hey Einstein, read OP. I clearly said BTC/Neteller is available. Skrill is also sided with sellers which makes chargebacks particularly hard. Also, I don't expect to buy all the gold in one trade.

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