RS3 Buying 3b RS3 Gold 100m to 1b At a Time 0.20/m

Discussion in 'General Market' started by GOD, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. Have 116 feedback on pb and 40 on os
    price 0.20/m
    so $20 every 100m i am buying for my uses

    Link to my pb account remove if not allowed
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  2. ill sell at $0.23/m
    200m stock
  3. no thanks
  4. .20 cents/mil is a terrible rate. You can literally sell to anyone on any gold site or sythe for at least .22+ and they're a lot more reliable.
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  5. gold sites will not pay 0.22 go check and if you are not here to sell do not post okay
  6. pays 0.21 so.....
  7. 0,20 rate sux yes.
    But please don't crash hes thread bois
  8. boglagold pays 0.21

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