OSRS Buying 99 WC [ONLY] Skiller

Discussion in 'General Market' started by zeuskii, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. Im buying a OSRS 99 WC only pure skiller. or anything really close to that.

    will buy with real money or RSGP. Thanks!
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  2. 07 OR RS3 ACC?
  3. I'm sorry, OSRS
  4. Hmm how much rs3 will you offer for this?
  5. Well i currently do not have rs3 GP but name a price and maybe i can buy it and trade you.
  6. My friend has a osrs WC Goldfarm :p He prob has a few accs with just 99wc :p ill ask him ;)
  7. OSRS how much for 99 woodcutters... Il have a few for you at a good price... Or il train fresh ones for you if you wish.
  8. Thanks! id appreciate that! I just simply want one account so I can work on a personal skiller :)
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    I just simply need one, I want to work on a personal skiller but I would like for it to begin with 99 WC. What would a good amount be? You can PM me aswell :)

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