Buying all kinds of bot accounts (no blackmarks allowed)

Discussion in 'General Market' started by VAG, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. Buying all kinds of botting accounts that are capable to make decent profit / hour, price based on the difficulty of the skill and the gp/hr.

    NO black marks.
    Post here.
  2. Rs3 or osrs?
  3. I was planning on creating a bunch of level 60 woodcutting accounts for osrs, interested?
  4. $4 bro
  5. Both are fine.

  6. I got accounts lvl 3 combat with 75 woodcutting and plenty of accounts at 40 att str def, let me know if you are interested.
  7. Now buying OSRS accounts with 60+ melee stats, 15$ / each.
  8. I have well over 100 osrs accounts if ur interested
  9. If you are from bugabuse, forget about it.
  10. I have played 12 years sir, None of the accounts are from bug abuse.
  11. Can you suplly me 2 x70-70-70 accounts?
  12. I've got a 70-65-66, lost city done, fighter torso achieved, comes with a whip, obby cape, obby shield, d legs and boots included (stuck in bank as I'm f2p) so just over 3m bank. Offer
  13. $6.50?
  14. VAG -- ''Now buying OSRS accounts with 60+ melee stats, 15$ / each.'' 6.50 not even close

    The GP alone is worth 6.50
  15. you right, $11.25
  16. i got a a account with 70 att and defence, 72 str and 85 mining! add me on skype if intrested skypename: xdelany
  17. "Member Since: Today" yeah I think we're all good.

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