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  1. Dear developers,

    Are you interested in making a premium bots that will be the next iDungeon? But there are already tons of dungeoneering bots... so where is the next botting frontier?

    The answer is bosses.

    As Runescape's players get to higher levels, their interests will naturally move onto high level content which are bosses.

    If you are able to build amazing bossing bots, gold farmers and botters from other clients will come flock to RuneMate and to you. After all, no other bot client has a (functional) bossing bot.

    What I am offering you here is for me to help you build a boss bot for one of the bosses below.

    Not only will I beta test your bot, I also will pay you to be the initial exclusive beta tester. I will provide you with the best methods and tactics and even an account for you to test on.

    The below bosses have been ordered according to (what I think) complexity from easiest to hardest.

    Chaos Elemental
    Giant mole
    Kalphite queen
    Corporeal Beast
    The 6 Legiones
    Queen Black Dragon
    The 4 GWD bosses
    Fight Kiln

    Terms & Conditions
    1. I will pay you via paypal or runemate credits.
    2. I will provide you with progresses reports and vouch for your bot if you decide to make it public.
    3. You own the bot, however you agree to no allow anyone else to use it for the agreed period (3 weeks) or until I get my pet from each boss, whichever happens first. After the period, you can do whatever you want with it.
    4. That the bot will kill the boss in a proficient manner as long as I am using it. Before you start writing the bot we will agree on the details (which equipment will be used, how many kills per inventory, which method will be used, etc...)
    5. That the bot will be kept updated while I use it. Any down time is not included within the 3 weeks period.
    If you are interested in making the next iDungeon, then please send me a pm.
  2. It would be an interesting concept but stuff like chaos ele and any wildy bosses would have to have anti pker and a lot of these bosses have mechanics that would be extremely difficult to make a bot that could handle it. Honestly its just a lot of work and it may not be worth it.
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    And I'm pretty sure if you look around you can find a KBD bot
  3. I can imagine this as a private goldfarming bot, not something available to public (even as premium).
  4. I do this all for free without all the requirements you set. Just sayin.

    You seem more like a goldfarmer looking for a new method instead of someone just offering help IMO.
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  5. Actually, I only play/bot on my main. I have no goldfarming or alternate accounts. My real motive is to get the Insane Final Boss Title, which is my next objective after comping.

    Also, if I was a gold farmer, why would I want the script bot to be released after 3 weeks? The reason that I chose that time period is because I am confident that I can get the boss pet during that period of time.

    This is why, if it is done successfully, it can be bigger than iDungeon. Is that KBD bot on RuneMate? I only feel safe using RuneMate, because as I mentioned above I only play/bot on my main.
    Why not? There have been previous bots for the easier bosses like KBD and barrows and as for the hard ones (nex and araxxi) the level and item requirements will act as a barrier.
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  6. I'd be keen to give these a go
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  7. Self Bump.

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