OSRS Buying elder druid bot. 4/500m Osrs gp

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    Hello and good evening!
    Currently in the need of a chaos elder druid bot for my ultimate ironman, because that grind is... ree.

    The bot needs the following:
    Simple bot: (200m)
    - Recharge prayer at altar when the prayer points hits a number below a set value. If prayer gets deactivated, use quick-prayers to turn it back on ASAP.
    - Attacks elder chaos druids, no need for aggro reset as long as it attacks the next one quickly.
    - Loots the following items: Elder chaos hood, Elder chaos robe, Elder chaos top, Law rune, Clue scroll (Hard). Nothing else necessary.

    Bonus material: (200m)
    - Teleports to player owned house via normal spellbook if either: Any player appears, or any player that can attack you appears. Your choice, preferrably the last one.

    Bonus material (100m):
    - Walks back to the elder druids from edgeville after teleporting away if a pker comes.
    - Uses mounted amulet of glory in POH to teleport to edgeville.

    No banking, no breaking.

    I know there is one chaos druid bot out there, it's outdated and the author ain't to be found for the past 3 months..

    Make it public, for everyone to enjoy it. Just want it done asap.

    Who ever makes it, i'll pay in RSGP/Bitcoin/Paypal. Your choice! Value equals to 4/500m osrs gp.

    Best regards, TUB.
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