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  1. Can RuneMate staff/script bot developers add an option to buy scripts bots? Not just to use credit system.

    Bassicly if you goldfarm with a couple of accounts, as a customer, its not worth to use credit system at all. For example: using frost dragon killer script bot on 3 accounts 15 hours a day with the hourly cost of 0.06 cents per hour for 1 account, results in 2.7$ payment every day. Runing full month results in 81$. Yearly nearly 1k$
    So is it worth acctualy paying 1k $, when I can buy myself premium script bot for like 10-30$ on other bot platform?

    I really love RuneMate, tons of great free scripts bots, user friendly client, amazing community, but as for the goldfarmer, with currently very low RS3 gold price, its simply not so worth paying 20-30% of the gold income for the script bot maintaince.

    I got a couple of suggestions:
    1. Give us an option to either buy script bot for lifetime use or hourly use.
    2. Lower premium script bot prices.
    3. Dont take away credit after the first minute of launcing a script bot, since sometimes you can mess up the setup or it takes abit longer than ussualy.
    4. Refund for unspent minutes that occur after stopping the script bot at 30 minutes or so.

    Thank-you :)
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  2. I support this
  3. Support, although I'm pretty sure that this won't go through. Reason being that bot authors are compensated way more here than other sites.

    Anyhow, I hope 3) gets implemented as you can mess up the setup.
  4. This has been mentioned a few times, although I don't think any of the other threads posted a suggestion list like yours does.

    One of the big strengths of the current system is that the cost is directly proportional to it's use. Which does work against the favour of goldfarmers, as you pointed out. But at the same time, I believe that the pros outweigh the cons. For one, you pay as you use it, so if by some circumstance you can't, or don't want to, run the bot, you're not out of pocket because of it.

    Also, you're not paying 20-30% for the maintenance, you're paying it for the use :p

    In regards to your suggestions:
    1. This would be good if the prices were related to the hourly price, possibly at a discounted rate.
    2. Most prices are priced depending on certain factors, and they're set by the bot author. If you think that they're too high, you might be able to discuss it with the bot author and see what they say.
    3. If I remember correctly, there's a 5 minute grace period at the beginning of the session.
    4. Currently, payment is billed each hour, at the beginning of the hour. I assume @Arbiter has a reason for this, but I don't see why a more flexible method couldn't be implemented.

    Either way, well structured thread, looking forward to finding out what other people thing about the suggestions.
  5. Scenario:
    >You buy a frost dragon bot for a flat price of lets say $40, instead of using the credit system.
    >Bot is broken or will be taken down from the bot author due to lack of time to maintain it
    >You lost $40
  6. You always can read the forums, ask people about the bot. This is not a problem :)
  7. What about in the case that it's working flawlessly at the time of purchase, then after a while there's some change that breaks it and the dev doesn't/can't fix it?
  8. I personally like the current method, frost dragons are more or less a method strictly used by goldfarmers. The accounts themselves are easy to setup for Frost Dragons and each bot is bringing in more than the hourly cost. I believe 1m RS3 goes for around .15 - .20 at the wholesale level, you are making less than that because you have to pay for the bot hourly of course, but you're also making more gold because less people are using it. If a person pays a flat rate for the bot they'll make their cash back for inital purchase and then have no reason not to run it all day. This option is obviously more attractive to the gold farmer who is thinking short term, but for instance if the flat rate system was in place the bot author has little incentive to update with added features beyond what is required in the flat rate contract (i.e. bug fixes, stability, etc.). This leads to crowding areas and less gold because less dragons to kill, which leads to other methods becoming more profitable and it turns into this vicious loop of gold becoming worth less and less and methods of making that gold worth less and less.

    However a method to stop the cost during a stuck or something like that would be nice. Perhaps a check on kills per hour or gold earned, I'm not sure if this is already a feature as I don't farm Frost Dragons currently but everything in the premium section seems reasonably priced for the income it can earn.
  9. This is what I meant.

    OP: First I didn't like the credit system too, but after a while you see the advantages of it.
  10. Which really isn't bad that bot authors get rewarded for their work and updated scripts bots!
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