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Discussion in 'General Market' started by Clery, Dec 24, 2015.

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    Looking to buy RS3 accounts 50+ Def, 50+ Atk, 50+ Str, 50+Mining

    Post account, Age, stats and asking price $ or RS3. Looking to buy today.
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  2. Hello. Please contact me via skype: Sharpwindy7 , i got an offer for you.
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  3. Level 126 99 ATT 99ST 90 DEFF 96HP 99 COOKING 99 FLETCHIING, MAKE OFFER
  4. High level account with 120construction, i'm a trusted gold seller.
    Skype: managerpb
  5. Total 2149 for sale. Selling cheap :) No bans for botting or somehting. If you are interested reply here
  6. what are you looking for for that account?
  7. rs3 gold for my main would be nice :) Offer me
  8. Bump, updated first post
  9. got a list with 24 runescape accounts all at least 5 years old and 1 10 years. are u interested?
  10. How much rsgp RS3 for 10 accounts? might take rest later on if i got the resources to handle that many.

    And if price is right
  11. il give u 40m for 10. thats what someone else offered me but he hasn't replyed for a while.

    Im assuming there all lvl 3's?
  12. add me on skype ***
  13. Successful trade, thanks again @Botlight
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    Cancel that, bad trade. 1 account has a authentication, @Botlight

    Word of caution, Botlight is a scammer.
    Sold me 10 accounts seemed to be ok and said he would swap over e-mails but never did.
    Continued to use the accounts anyways only for him to start jacking them on a daily basis, he also put authenticates on 4 of them after I bought.

    I didn't lose much, just a days worth of chincompas... Luckily i made the money back from the accounts already so lost only time not money.
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    His skype is
    Display name is 'per' with a picture of him and a girl both in sunglasses. avoid him if possible.
  14. Selling my main with 99 range, def, woodcutting, prayer, fletching and firemaking, all skills are above 50 apart from the new invention skill, contact my skype @ Scrimmyyy, also has membership on it till September, and willing to let the acc go fairly cheap as i dont play no more can provide screenshots on Skype if you choose to contact me. Thanks :)

    Edit: All combat skills are above 70 also the acc is a few years old :)

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