Buying RS3 Accounts for RS3 GP

Discussion in 'General Market' started by Clery, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. Buying RS3 Accounts for Rs3 GP.

    (must meet at least 1 requirement, doesn't have to meet all)

    1. Account is over 4month+ in age and have completed tut island. (will buy these in bulk if you have them available) (Level 3 is fine)

    2. Account has at least 50+ str and 50+def and 50+atk and either 55+mining or 55+Agility or 55+Woodcutting

    3. Account has 80+ Hunter

    No accounts can have previous bans, Mute is fine though.

    Not interested in any items, if the account comes with items you are still quoting as if they are naked. Take any items you can/want before selling.

    I've sold a few mills now, bought accounts off multiple people. Sell me your accounts with confidence =)
    Post your accounts stats + age + Asking price. I may meet price or try to negotiate.
  2. Price for 4 moth tut island account (tut island can be skipped?)

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