Question Buying supporter with BTC?

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by goldenbuttbuddies, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. Is there a way to do this?
  2. @Arbiter would be the person to talk to about payment method availability.

    Private message them to discuss further.

    However according to this post by @Aidden , I wouldn't get your hopes up:

    Runemate Supporter Changes

  3. No dice.

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  4. No BTC , No RSGP , What is this 2003 runescape botting website?
  5. And who doesn't have a PayPal account in 2016? I'm guessing you are too young to get a proper visa to set one up.
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  6. Kinda wish we could donate with Bitcoin but understandable, prices could crash at any moment
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  7. 2003 is your year of birth if you can't pay with PayPal/credit card.
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  8. And live in the wilderness if you can't go to a local grocery store and buy a prepaid Visa card.
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  9. i like to keep my info you know m8
  10. Too late. It's 2016. All your "info" is essentially public record. Welcome to the new world.
  11. All your "info" is public if you are a retard and don't keep things private that could be leaked in a DB, I receive all my funds in BTC, not in PayPal and I refuse to make a PayPal account as I have had issues with them before. You are just losing money by not accepting BTC but that's none of my business.
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  12. Him said it "Don't me"
  13. Considering the risks with BTC, he's actually saving money instead of missing out.
  14. What risks? Use BitPay, accept BTC and withdraw into your bank account the next day. I see 0 risks.
  15. Fluctuations in the course of the bitcoin may damage the income. Besides, bitcoin banks tend to get hacked a lot, opposed to regular banks. Not to mention you can't really pay for server costs and other stuff that needs to be paid for to keep Runemate running with bitcoins.

    RuneMate isn't just making 100% profit of stuff you buy (supporter, sponsor, premium fees), it needs to pay for servers, manhours and a lot of other stuff. You wouldn't want to risk not being able to pay the bills!
  16. Not true. Investment BTC banks get hacked, and is very rare might I add, not something like BitPay where you can withdraw straight to your personal bank to pay for all those man hours you speak of and server bills!
  17. Don't with me i use fake names on emails fake names for facebook you name it fake names and D.O.B
  18. Unless you use a VPN or Onion router everywhere on the net then good luck trying to hide your info
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  19. i hide it like a boss m8
  20. As you can tell by my profile picture, I am surprised

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