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  1. Hi,

    I need some RS3 training bots on a variety of different skills. I obviously dont mind paying and can also let some of these be released for free. I need a good bot author that can make an almost flawless script bot, with good anti-ban and support for future updates.

    Contact me on slack or on skype: redprodigy2

  2. I asked him for a script bot once. He quoted me $100 for a script bot that afks for like 95% of the time.
  3. Quality means price m8. He also writes decent antibans. If you think, you're going to profit from it then it's worth the cash m8 :) you can also ask other bot writers that are willing to do that. Try slash, aidden, savior, etc those guys who are longer here on forums and more experienced with the client. Gl bud
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  4. Quality is always expensive for sure! But when paying $100 for the bot when its doing nothing for 95% of the run time, it starts getting outrageous. Ill skype him again and ask him on quotes for other bots for sure. Would you be interested in making scripts bots too? :p
  5. Programmers charfe much more than $50 an hour. Which is probably the least amount of time it takes to quickly write a bot.
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  6. Quote of java developer is minimum 20$\h. What is this bot if you think it take less than 5h to code and test? Push 1 button?

    Lol while i was typing msg with my ill english, Geashaw wrote what i think.
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  7. To be honest, someone made the same script bot on villavu in about an hour or so (edit: elf theiving script bot btw! since Firefoxes asked)Now i dont know how long it takes to code in Simba Vs Runemate, but generally people say its harder to make bots on simba. I paid him 60$ for it. it was done in under an hour and he updated late for bugs. Unfortunately simba has been having some bans recently, which is why I was looking at Runemate.

    Most of these bots that I want are also missing from the botstore and as i stated, I dont mind paying for a Public bot. This isnt a goldfarming bot either, its just a training bot for theiving. These bots could potentially become premium too. Most of the scripts bots are made for free by the script bot writers. I appreciate them making it for free, and thus am paying them to release a public script bot.

    I dont mind compensating people for the work they do, but I do know the "industry" standard, and by that standard it seemed a bit expensive. So i politely declined. Going to ask Qosi again if he is free and have him quote some other bots too.

    I know everyone loves to get on the bandwagon, but please dont post when you do not understand the circumstances and lets not go off topic on this thread.
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  8. You said "Paying as much as needed" and next message - 100$ is too much, thats why i answered to your topic. Making script bot in less than an hour could mean only that autor had something like this done and gave you what he had as a private bot or changed few strings and gave nvm. I'm sure someone who's only starting(training), like me can write a bot for free or for small price. But. It makes ppl mistakingly think that coding is easy and effortless, and you can have flawless profi-made private bot for 20$. Time of a professionals like Qosmiof2 costs alot.
  9. Yeah, i guess my title is a bit misleading. Thats my fault, and have changed it. And I dont think he had a script bot because I had to walk him through they way to do the method on TV, and give him all the color codes etc. I dont get why everyone has to respond and get the topic off post. Pm me if you wanna have a conversation about it, but please stop getting the topic off track.

    Also everyone seems to forget the fact thats its not a goldfarming private bot. Its a public training bot. Something that everyone can use and most of the times these things are made for free. Im being harassed for not wanting to pay $100 for a simple public bot. It contributes to RM, compensates its author for something they usually do for free and helps me out. Literally no one does that anymore. If i dint appreciate the scripters, I wouldnt give them money to make a public script bot. So please just stop arguing just for the sake of it, without any basis in reality. If the price is too much, ill say i cant do it. Please stop White knighting and derailing the post.
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  10. I'd like to see this too, as I'm pretty sure a bot like this would have very low ban rates because people naturally afk Thieving at Prifddinas :)
  11. Yeah, the bot afks 95% of the time, so shouldnt have much input in the game and might decrease chances of ban. Also priff theiv is probably never going to be a heavily botted area cuz of the requirements anyways.
  12. But it would require to have alot of timers cause if u get stunned u have to switch a spot, and keeping track of that isnt easy, so please think guys. Its not an easy job to do
  13. It is kinda easy. you just have to detect the sentence in chat. 1/3 tries, 2/3 tries, 3/3 tries, then switch. Later after your done with the other 8 clans u can be sure the 1st one is allowed you to pickpocket again. Again im assuming obv that it isnt hard to detect sentences in the chat. It might be, i have no clue.

    Third time saying this, but someone made the same script bot in an hour or so in Simba. It might not be an easy thing to do in RM, I have no experience with how long it takes to code in RM though.
  14. Checking for chat dialog isnt hard, but overall timers to avoid bot getting stuck etc. Try doing it or pay a nooby scrupter to do, he'll do it in maybe 10h and might be bad if he isnt experienced with the timers, etc. But gl. @Qosmiof2 is asking for a reasonable price for me
  15. Why do you need timers? If you make the bot go through all the 8 clans, theres no way in a million years it gets stuck. unless you are talking about timers for something else. Also theres a chat dialog to detect if a clan can be pickpocketed again so i dont know why you need timers.
  16. What bot you say you wanted? ;)
    I have some free time starting friday. If this is really an "easy" bot i may make it. Can we talk via PM on here, i dont use skype...
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  17. Thanks dude, ill be sure to pm you :D
  18. I helped Hazard with his old Prif thieving bot when he was still around, and I had to help with some hidden game values?
    He was able to find out what changed in the game and how he should react to it.
    It's been a while so I don't know what exactly it was.
  19. Varbits most likely.
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