OSRS Caged ogre fighter?!?! ARDY TRAINING Camp

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by joshiii, Jul 12, 2016.

  1. im just wanting a simple fighter bot that can shoot ogres through the cage, ive tried setting up many of the fighter bots but none work! i dont think we need anything fancy, literally just one that clicks ogre, kills it and repeats! thanks in advance!
  2. Pay $1 and get Supporter for Alpha Fighter?
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  3. ive tried all the other fighter bots except that one...do you garuntee it will work?
  4. Yes.

    Regardless, it's $1. Even if I couldn't guarantee it, it would still be a worthwhile investment and you'd be showing your support for the site.
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  5. ok now im a supporter will try it out
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  6. Make sure in the settings you make sure Reachable is not checked.
  7. ok its working now! thanks a bunch party!!!!
  8. Thank @SlashnHax :p

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