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  1. Hi all,

    The dev team requires some information to complete the new OSRS navigation web, largely with regards to item teleports, spell teleports and various obstacles. This will enable us to have almost the entirety of the RuneScape map covered, including caves etc. This means considerably better navigation options for Bot Authors and thus considerably better bots for our end-users.

    What we need:
    -A couple of people willing to do a little data collection.

    What you need:
    -An OSRS account and the Development Toolkit.
    -A few different teleports (teletabs/quest items/diaries).

    So far I've been able to collect a bunch of data which can be viewed here or in this Excel Spreadsheet.

    If you're willing, please run the teleport 5 times, collecting your coordinate each time you land from the teleport. Submit your data to me by replying to this thread.

    -Collect the teleport/obstacle name, and type (spell/item/obstacle)
    -Collect the interaction string you need to use the teleport/obstacle (Climb/Break/Cast)

    -Using the Development Toolkit, record the tile you landed on.
    -Repeat 4 more times.

    Thanks for your help!

    @Qosmiof2 @Bertrand @Savior @SlashnHax @Cloud @kazemanie
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  2. Merr im free for sometime, ill collect some info, maybe all
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    bit from old web i was working with years ago

    Code (Text):
    2. public final TeleItem ECTOPHIAL = new TeleItem(new Coordinate(3658, 3522), "Empty", 4251);
    3.         public final TeleItem LUMBRIDGE_TAB = new TeleItem(new Coordinate(3221, 3220), "Break", 8008);
    4.         public final TeleItem ARDOUGENE_TAB = new TeleItem(new Coordinate(2661, 3303), "Break", 8011);
    5.         public final TeleItem CAMELOT_TAB = new TeleItem(new Coordinate(2757, 3478), "Break", 8010);
    6.         public final TeleItem VARROCK_TAB = new TeleItem(new Coordinate(3212, 3429), "Break", 8007);
    7.         public final TeleItem TAVERLEY_TAB = new TeleItem(new Coordinate(2893, 3465), "Break", 18110);
    8.         public final TeleItem RIMMINGTON_TAB = new TeleItem(new Coordinate(2956, 3224), "Break", 18809);
    9.         public final TeleItem RELLEKA_TAB = new TeleItem(new Coordinate(2670, 3652), "Break", 18812);
    10.         public final TeleItem BRIMHAVEN_TAB = new TeleItem(new Coordinate(2759, 3179), "Break", 18813);
    11.         public final TeleItem NARDAH_SCROLL = new TeleItem(new Coordinate(3421, 2918), "Read", 19475);
    12.         public final TeleItem LUMBER_YARD_SCROLL = new TeleItem(new Coordinate(3308, 3492), "Read", 19480);
    13.         public final TeleItem MISCELLANIA_SCROLL = new TeleItem(new Coordinate(2513, 3858), "Read", 19477);
    14.         public final TeleItem LLETYA_CRYSTAL = new TeleItem(new Coordinate(2328, 3172), new String[]{"Activate", "Lletya"}, 6102, 6100, 6101);
    15.     }
    17.     private class Objects {
    18.         public final TeleportObject ARDYLEVER = new TeleportObject(new Coordinate(3154, 3924), "Pull", Interfaces.get(230, 2), 1814);
    19.         public final TeleportObject EDGELEVER = new TeleportObject(new Coordinate(3154, 3924), "Pull", Interfaces.get(230, 2), 1841);
    20.         public final TeleportObject ESSPORTAL = new TeleportObject(new Coordinate(3252, 3401), "Enter", 39831);
    21.         public final TeleportObject WILDLEVER = new TeleportObject(new Coordinate(2562, 3311), "Pull", 1815);
    22.     }
    24.     private class NPCs {
    25.         public final TeleportNPC AUBURY = new TeleportNPC(new Coordinate(7280, 2451), "Teleport", 5913);
    26.     }
    28. maybes come in useful maybe not ill source some more
  3. Data I posted from Slack for Wildy ditch north of Edgeville

  4. Might wanna add some requirements for some of them like rune teleports etc.
  5. We're mainly focused on teleports that don't have a level requirement at the moment (eg teletabs and teleport items)
  6. We're also looking for objects that substantially increase either the range you can travel or the speed at which you travel.
  7. I'm confused what items you're talking about.
  8. 1) increase the range you can travel - the wilderness ditch
    2) the speed at which you can travel - agility shortcuts
  9. Ok, sorrry i am a bit slow :p, thanks for the examples. I could get some, just not now cuz im off to bed.
  10. Just a notice that the data collected so far has been very helpful and that you guys should keep posting things like agility shortcuts that you'd like to see supported.

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