Came across a living legend -.-

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by NastyNate, May 21, 2015.

  1. I can't seem to find what he's known for on Google, care to enlighten me?
  2. I thought it was Zezima:(
  3. I've seen Zezima like 3 times. First time I saw him as a kid I yelled for my mom to see lol.
  4. Everywhere he went he had 5 million people following him so he wasn't hard to miss. :p

    OT: I've had a decent conversation with Dreyri on RS3 about the game mechanics. If you don't know him, look him up.
  5. He has done a couple streams though. They are obviously grindy as fuck, but it's still Zezima.
  6. 10/10 would watch.
  7. I asked him why he doesn't play osrs; he said that he doesn't want to start all over again due to having spent too much time on rs3. And he has spent 37,000+ hours on rs3 man. That's around 1500 days... on a fucking game.
  8. Don't know this person :p sorry
  9. Eh, tell any person my age the name Zezima. The only ones who say they don't know who that is, are insecure liars. I'm sure it has helped him somehow. Even though that's probably a low ROI.

    He's a doctor now, I've heard.
  10. Shows that even RuneScape players have a future.
  11. Why wouldn't they haha

    I mean we're without doubt the fastest typers in the world (post GE plebs not counted)
  12. and you didn't yell for your dad to see, i really wanted to see that shit man
  13. L0l xD
  14. Would suck to be famous on rs,you would never get peace to bot.
  15. Care to enlighten me who this is?
  16. The goddess of war -.-
  17. what kind of meme is this supposed to be
  18. I liked the runescape name dam.
  19. why didntcha say so

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