Came across this only f2p account, that's amazing

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by Manager, Apr 19, 2015.

  1. [​IMG]
    That is amazing, botted or not, amazing :eek:
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  2. Holy shit, is this your account?
  3. Lol how do you train prayer in f2p?? must take ages with burying big boes...
  4. He could've gone P2P for prayer for 1 month then back to F2P...
  5. That would be cheating lol
  6. Either a heavy botter or a "cheater".
  7. Or maybe like.. someone with a lot of time and dedication?
  8. Lol, that'd be me.
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  9. I am going to make a bot account with those stats :D
  10. i smell mems
  11. its prob @Cloud his fun account :)
  12. That's dedication, damn.
  13. Thats my current goals right now! i plan on staying f2p forever but, lets see how long that lasts...lmao
  14. Join f2pl0l there are a ton of maxed f2p accounts mains/skillers. Its a dung fc, and they all just max out there.
  15. Look up "meneer naab"

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