Bug Camera.concurrentlyTurnTo(Locateable a) Broken?

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  1. The following seems to work:

    Code (Text):
    1. Camera.concurrentlyTurnTo(furnace, Random.nextDouble(0.300,0.600));
    But this will do nothing at all, won't even attempt to move the camera. (Should supposedly use player sense and adjust yaw/pitch itself)

    Code (Text):
    1. Camera.concurrentlyTurnTo(furnace);
    There doesn't seem to be any error in logs.

    Am I doing something wrong or is it actually broken?
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  2. Ummm Camera.turnTo is broken for me :p
  3. Please provide additional information.
  4. I am trying to move the camera to a GameObject (in this case, a furnace).
    furnace = GameObjects.newQuery().names("Furnace").results().nearest();

    If I use Camera.concurrentlyTurnTo(furnace, manual pitch values); It works and moves the camera correctly to whatever values I set.
    If I use Camera.concurrentlyTurnTo(furnace); for it to automatically determine pitch it does nothing at all even if the furnace is not in view.

    -What I expect from it to:
    *Move the camera to gameobject.
    -What happens:
    *Nothing at all.
    -Was I able to manually fix this?
    *Yes, by manually inputting a pitch value.
    -RM Version:
    -RS Version:
    -Any error in logs?

    I've been able to reproduce this all the time.

    What type of info do you need? I'm more than happy to provide it.
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  5. What does the dev kit say the yaw and pitch are when this happens?
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    And how many tiles away is the furnace?
  6. The furnace is 13 tiles away; can be easily seen when zoomed out.
    Pitch and yaw return valid values within range (0.568 and 83).

    Now that you mention distance, it seems like the camera does turn correctly when an object is close (tried 4 tiles away with a portable).
  7. I revoke my comment.
  8. We don't currently have camera zoom hooked on rs3 so the algorithm was written conservatively for when you're fully zoomed it.
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    Calculated using linear regression on a data-set that must have been very fucked up looking back on it. Hmm how to approach this...
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