Can anyone remove an email address that isnt mine off an account?

Discussion in 'General Market' started by EvilCabbage, Mar 10, 2015.

  1. Would love some help with this, I'll pay properly.

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  2. Off an rs account? The account is originally yours correct?
  3. Yes, a RuneScape account. No, it is not originally mine and I have no (correct) info of it.
  4. Do you have the original email of the account? If you're able to convince customer support they could revert it to the original. But if you aren't owner then its near impossible to.
  5. That sucks to hear. No, I do not have the original email. All I have is a username, a password, when it was created and the IP address of the original owner.
  6. If you can spoof your ip to match theirs then its a slight possibility.
  7. easy, I recently got back a old account just by recovering it with jagex's recover account system, I didn't even know the email used for it. Just put in the username and passwords you know that were used on it and put in the ip and such info in the other/extra info box and add a new email to send you results i got back 3 accounts that i lost along time ago, also the older the account the better.
    If it was a member account and you know the name of the person paying for membership then put that name in the extra info thing to. I was emailed within 3hrs on my new email saying it was a succes blah blah blah you can log in now blah.

    Got a few of my old friends accounts by doing this to.
  8. If you have no correct info, then I'd say that it'd be nearly impossible to remove the e-mail. There might be a slight chance, however, the account gotta be old and the e-mail connected must be old too. Just try tweeting (#Jagexsupport) them and mention the fact that you're able to provide the account creation date and IP.

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