Can jagex detect auto clicking? same spot?

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  1. Just curious.
  2. umm no clue depends how you do it?i use mouse and keyboard recorders. ive done mining, agility, smith, herblore, range, theiv, cook,craft, prayer, firemaking, magic, fletch, woddcutting, runecrafting, construction all to 99 with mouse recorders. and 99 div on a separate acc total of 280 days minimum played using it
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  3. I think they detect the program. Because I've been using Razer Synapse for my auto clicking and haven't gotten banned yet. But I used some generic auto-clicker that you could google and got banned almost 20 minutes after.
  4. I'd say auto clickers are the last thing you'd want to use. The patterns are far too easy to detect.
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  5. detectable but botwatch is not pattern based so it's fine, at least at the moment
  6. I've always alched 94 or 99 magic on my accounts with auto clickers, havent gotten banned once, done it atleast 5-6 times
  7. Take a look at my maxing out thread. I have used mouse recorders to do numerous skills but keep in my mind that I moved the mouse around for a few pixels when making a recording.
  8. Some autoclickers got a function for randomized clicks, so it doesnt click exactly the same pixel at the same time for hours on end
  9. Lel, doesnt explain the reason why people who keep there scripts bots private dont get banned while others do.
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    They use both native detection aswell as behavioral.
  10. people who use private scripts bots still get banned.
    and native detection???????? lmao

    I was botting without even using my mouse for over a month, I reached the first page of the agility hiscores, I had 2 other accounts on the second page. Gained well over 200m agility experience in total, and I did not get banned until I pretty much told jmods that I was a bot. Here's a pic from 3 days ago

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  11. A few years ago I used an autoclicker for teleporting/alching and got banned.
    It just spam clicked in the same spot and I was doing it for hours, so I suppose that's why I got banned.
  12. Yea, it's pretty much impossible for a human to do that since you move your mouse ( a little bit ) when you click
  13. wait lol what? the screen shifts abit every 5seconds :p how did you come throught that?
  14. some rc alters you always run past the alter no matter where you click on the mini map.
    div was transmuting at a bank
    everything else is pretty easy when your clicking on large objects when you have rs moving the screen like 2 pixels
    prayer you never used the mini map and recorded a separate script bot to overlay it after 40mins to summon a new war tort and keep alter running.

    keep in mind this is all mouse recorder
  15. I think that's the case because of the constant and repeating pattern whereas the client uses software to mix it up and throw the "dogs off the trail," you could say.

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