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  1. I think it would be a really cool idea to show a signature with skills/a.logs of your account.
    The only thing we need to do is encrypting the username link and hiding certain skills.
    In example: to
    This ofcourse has been be encrypted on the server side..
    That way we can show our accounts, without showing the actuall names :D
    Jagex won't be able to recognize the accounts as the username and certain skills are hidden ;)
  2. Well we could do what RiD did and show every skillcape we have obtained somewhere on our posts. Or the amount of hours we botted or something.
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  3. That would be a good idea if you can hover over the skillcape and it'll show the bot the person used ;)
    Showing the total time botted will also be very cool :D
  4. I'm very positive though that this information hasn't been recorded yet though, so we'd have to start recording it from whenever it would get implemented and many users will already have 99's.
  5. This would be better in my opinion to have something like how many hours botted and how much money you have made so far from botting.
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  6. Something like this for Skills - Money - Total Time Botted, will be great !!
  7. Well this could potentially get very messy with THREE different game modes, people not getting exactly 99 with the bot but say pausing the bot right before and doing the actual kill to 99 themselves, etc.

    EDIT: I do like the idea though.
  8. I see what you mean, but for those people there will be an option to manually enter the 99's they got ;)
    This will also apply to user who already have 99's before this gets implemented.
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    btw: It doesnt really matter imo in which game mode they got a 99, itll still be hell of an advertisement to new botters.
    Again you can make simply add [EOC, Legacy, OS] for this in the Tooltip, or simply change the image slightly so it contains tags like [EOC, Legacy, OS]
  9. We couldn't allow people lying about their gains, though.
  10. I know what you mean.
    Recording will be your best bet for this then ;)

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