Question Cannot start up any runemate client

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Chingalingz, May 23, 2016.

  1. [Debug] RuneMate Version: 2.1.5
    [Debug] Java Version: 8u92 x64 (Oracle Corporation)
    [Debug] Operating System: Mac OS X x64
    Incorrect password. Please try again.
    Downloading 1 missing or outdated cloud resource.
    Attempting to start official client. If it does not open shortly please do so manually.
    Checking for a new game instance every second for two minutes or until one is found.
    Found a new game instance after 5 seconds.
    Failed to bind to virtual machine because of a AgentInitializationException Agent JAR loaded but agent failed to initialize
    at nul.IIIiIIiiIIii.else(ugc:268)

    I keep getting the error "Failed to bind to virtual machine because of a AgentInitializationException". PLEASE HELP
  2. I suggest you uninstall Runemate and the Runescape client, and reinstall both.

    If that doesn't fix your issue, then @Vaped @Arbiter will be able to help you.

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