Bug Cant launch client on laptop.

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  1. Hey guys so i have no problem running runemate on my PC but on my laptop,i downloaded runemate, installed it.. i run it and nothing comes up, Tho it is running in processors and also i can see the runemate icon on the bottom right of the screen.. .it just wont come up .. downloaded java, turned off firewalls... updated java.. deleted and re installed java.. still the same problem.. any help?

    edit: Laptop has windows 8.
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  2. Are you trying to run the .jar? If yes, try the RuneMate installer instead.
  3. No Ive already installed with the installer. Just when i double click the Runemate exe, it wont come up. It only stays open in the task manager and on the bottom right of the screen i see the icon of it.
  4. Reboot your computer, if you haven't done so already. Sounds like something weird is going on, on your end.
  5. Already have tried that :(
  6. Perhaps you could try and find some logs in the RuneMate folders, see if there's something in them. Would be helpful incase it's actually a bug.
  7. Cant seem to find anything in the Runemate folders. The .jar file and the Runemate exe both dont launch :(
  8. Hi, have you tried booting RM as Administrator? Also try running it in SDK mode by creating a shortcut to RuneMate.exe and adding -sdk to the "Target" field in the shortcut properties.

    EDIT: As far as I'm aware, I don't think this is an RM issue... Might be worth seeing if you're able to run other .jar files.

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