Can't load RuneScape on my uni's internet

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by skrall, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. Title says it all. Can't use proxy's, can't access anything from RS itself (forums, hiscores).
    The client itself doesn't load and when I try to play through RuneMate I get the error that it couldn't load game (stage 1/2).
    I also tried using a free VPS on my phone (method from Powerbot) but that doesn't work either.

    Ofcourse I don't expect a (simple) solution. But if anyone has a possible solution, that'd be greatly appreciated :)
  2. Well currently RuneMate doesn't run well on non-windows operating systems, so perhaps that's why it didn't work well on your VPS (although we're planning on fixing that within the next week). Regarding the fact that you couldn't use RuneMate's proxy support, that's really odd because if you had a good proxy it should have allowed you to get around it. I suggest using a VPN such as Private Internet Access which will encrypt and route all of your computers traffic through their unrestricted servers.
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  3. Well thanks for the reply :p I got some remarks:

    Some other things worth noting about ports/services being blocked:
    - Steam doesn't work as I can not log in.
    - Dedicated servers like e.g. in CoD4 don't show in the in-game server list and I cannot connect to them
    - However, I can play games through Origin (being Battlefield 1942).

    It looks like a very good VPN but I don't want to pay for a VPN that might not work. I'll google around to find some free ones :p

    The VPS I mentioned is coming from this app:
    I have been able to run RuneScape on it so that's fine, I guess it runs Windows so it'll run RM too :)
  4. What it comes down to is if you can figure out how to load RuneScape from the official client you *should* be able to load RuneMate as we don't have any additional routing needs (unless your uni blocks our domain specifically. That being said, what kind of uni are you going to that blocks traffic? Very unusual imo.
  5. University of Antwerp lol, maybe some people form the forums here go there too.
  6. Okay, small update, I tried a few new things:
    - Using any proxy: didn't work.
    - I noticed however, when using AlwaysOnPc, an Android app to use a remote desktop, can load the game.

    It seems I can only play this on my phone, so that's why I installed an Android emulator on my laptop. The emulator can load the Runescape frontpage which is normally blocked, but the AlwaysOnPC can't authenticate my username and password :(
    I'll keep going, need to find a solution damn it :p
  7. Use a proxy on your PC Not by the bot Proxy?
  8. I tried, proxies don't work.
  9. Could be the same basis, because my school bans a lot of sites (including games and porn, not that I tried the latter).
  10. I did it!! After installing an application for Windows that can run Android apps, I managed to install the Always On PC and boom! :D
  11. For RuneMate I believe you need an anonymous SOCK5 proxy (don't quote me on that). You would be better off using a VPN like privateinternetaccess. Small price to pay imo.

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