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  1. Hi everyone, i am excited to try some out, but i keep getting the following error,

    java.lang.IllegalStateException: Expected a numerical value for Client.connectionState but instead we received null (OSRS: 6b44cb6)
    at app.uN.true(ptb:29)
    at app.uN.true(ptb:192)
    at app.uN.true(ptb:20)
    at app.DO.true(xgc:199)
    at app.DO.break(xgc:239)
    at com.runemate.maxiscripts.looping.fisher.MaxiFisher.onLoop(
    at bot.framework.AbstractScript.start(owb:128)

    please let me know how to fix, i am on java i beleive and windows 8

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    Post #7 by Cloud, Jun 6, 2015
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  4. how would i go about fixing that? this was off of a clean install
  5. wait for them to update! they said they will update it today
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  6. You cant do anything just wait
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  7. it happens for all scripts bots just fyi.
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    okay, cool, thanks for the help guys

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