Bug Cant run Bots.

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Lyrcon, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. Can anyone help me out with this error ?

    Failed to bind to virtual machine because of a IOexception.

    What should i do to fix this?
  2. Uninstall Runemate, fresh install Runemate, open Runemate.
  3. Uninstall, re-download, and re-install. If that still does not fix it go to C:\Users\{YOUR USERNAME\RuneMate\logs\ and post the contents of your most recent log.
  4. Still have the same problem.
    This is the most recnt log i could found :

    [Debug] Version: 2.0.1
    [Debug] Operating System: Windows 7 (x64)
    [Debug] Java: 8 Update 77 (x86) (Oracle Corporation)
    Downloading 1 missing or outdated cloud resource.
    Failed to bind to virtual machine because of a IOException
    java.io.IOException: Toegang geweigerd
    at sun.tools.attach.WindowsVirtualMachine.openProcess(Native Method)
    at sun.tools.attach.WindowsVirtualMachine.<init>(jm:7)
    at sun.tools.attach.WindowsAttachProvider.attachVirtualMachine(bp:133)
    at com.sun.tools.attach.spi.AttachProvider.attachVirtualMachine(zo:235)
    at com.sun.tools.attach.VirtualMachine.attach(zf:201)
    at nul.iiIIIIiiiIII.const(zcc:145)
    at nul.IIiiIIiIiiiI.run(vcc:225)
  5. @Cloud

    Note: "Toegang geweigerd" is Dutch for "Access denied."
  6. Yes iknow this haha, how should i fix that ?
  7. The note was for Cloud for when he looks into it. Please wait for him to get to this.
  8. Owh i see now my bad.
    Alright Thanks :)
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    Is there any news yet on how to fix this ?
    Maybe someone had the same problem as me ?
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    This problem only happends on RS3,
    For OSRS i have no problems at all.
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    EDIT : I can open RS3 bots right now but they wont start / do anything.
  9. i also cannot run the new client. every time i open the client, it allows me to put in my password but the second i log in, something pops up that says something like, "downloading or missing 1 plug in" and then the client closes itself.
  10. Do a fresh install of the RuneMate client, seems yours is off.
  11. Are you using a Mac? If so Mac isn't supported at the moment, but will be shortly as it's our top priority.
  12. Ive re-installed couple of times and it keeps saying access denied? I really enjoyed this bot client, I hope I get this to work
    Please help ~
  13. Moved to correct section (Client support).
  14. Is there anyone that can help me with this error ?
    Want to try Spectre too :(
  16. Nothing new there my friend. kind of pointless to re post that :)
  17. I'm giving you your response, if Arbi tags Cloud it's a client error and there isn't really much you can do about it until Cloud gets to it, so as I quoted, "please wait".
  18. It sounds like it has something to do with file system permissions but I can't be sure.
  19. Try running RuneMate as admin. Right click RuneMate from your Start menu and click "Run as admin".

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